About Us


Tomlinson Elite Hockey Ltd is an exciting hockey experience for Minor Hockey league players of all ages. Kirk Tomlinson - shares his many years of experience as both a player and coach to teach the game of hockey to young athletes.

Our sessions aim to provide players the opportunity to develop all areas of their game including technical, mental and social skills. Our goal is to improve a player's entire skill set.

We focus on individual skills in a team atmosphere, and then apply them to game situations for a greater hockey experience. Our goal is to not only improve your skills but also challenge you to expand your hockey knowledge.

Ice time will be maximized with creative, high-tempo, purposeful, progressive drills.

Tomlinson Elite Hockey offers an elite spring development program called the STARS.  Here players will receive top notch hockey instruction from very carefully chosen and skilled hockey instructors.

2021 will see the STARS host 4 teams.  2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011's

The STARS host the FUTURE STARS CUP tournament on Victoria Day weekend.  Our tourney can see anywhere from 60 - 90 teams in attendance.

Tomlinson Elite Hockey also offers summer training for all ages.  We have elite programming with groups on the ice twice a week and specialty clinics for Dmen, and Shooting & Scoring and Skills - Foundations.

Our aim is to help each player to reach his or her own personal best.